Our Directors: Behind the Scenes

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We both volunteered throughout our childhood, so when it came time to make Athletes 4 Autism its own 501(c)3 non-profit, we had so many ideas of what we wanted our charity to be. One of the biggest keywords was TRANSPARENT.

We found that many charities operate under the guise that they’re doing amazing work with your donated dollars, but — in reality — those dollars end up diluted into salaries and bonuses and “research”, and rarely end up making a substantial, tangible difference for the people-in-need. To us, that’s deceitful.

And it’s why we don’t take a dime from this charity. We never, ever will.

We will never be on salary. We will never earn incentives.

In fact, we will always give a percentage of our own companies’ proceeds back to Athletes 4 Autism. Every penny donated goes where it’s needed most. That’s it.

Some days, that’s to help us pay for website maintenance fees for hosting all of the free volunteer education online. Other days, those donations replace broken or worn sporting equipment. Most days, it’s for expanding our free programs to universities across the United States.

We spend the majority of our time behind-the-scenes resource planning, so that our simple promise to you — our supporters — stays simple.

We earned our official non-profit status in January 2016, and since that time, we’ve dedicated 20 hours/week to:

  • Creating and updating the free volunteer courses on our website

Why this is important: Your information comes directly from us. We cull through the latest sports and autism research, summarize it for the masses, and present it to our volunteers in an approachable, user-friendly format.

  • Expanding our programs to new universities across the United States

Why this is important: Our whole mission revolves around the goal of making sports a common social denominator between the typical and autism communities. Without expansion of our programs, our mission never spreads.

  • Moderating the private Facebook group (volunteers-only) and public Facebook page

Why this is important: We host a private social thread for our volunteers so that they can discuss their questions, comments, concerns, and victories in confidence with like-minded volunteers. It’s important that the co-founders moderate this thread to provide accurate answers and facilitate positive education. Autism can be just as challenging and frustrating as it is beautiful and unique, and we want to teach our gracious volunteers how to navigate all parts of autism in comfort. If you are a past or present A4A volunteer, click here to join our group.

Our public page highlights photos, videos, top autism headlines, special announcements, and general office updates for everyone. We keep this page engaging and upbeat for families and our A4A buddies. Please make sure you “like” our Facebook page by clicking here.

  • Fundraising and networking with health-conscious donors

Why this is important: Without donations, we can’t operate! Community grants and competition awards aren’t guaranteed funding, so we rely on donations from the people who regularly give towards our recurring needs.

You can become a donor by donating any amount — big or small — to our PayPal account here. Donations are tax-deductible!

  • Raising money through our own companies

Why this is important: We give a percentage of profits and office resources from our personal companies to A4A. We do this because it’s one of our family values, and we want to share our social platforms with a cause greater than ourselves. It’s our hope that we might inspire other brands to do the same.

For-profit companies can benefit from tax-deductible donations when they file their annual taxes, so many companies find donating to be a “no-brainer”. Additionally, many larger corporations incentivize their employees with “matching donations” and “paid volunteer days”, which means that these companies can help amplify your already-charitable efforts throughout the year. So easy!

If you need help taking advantage of cause-marketing campaigns, matching donations, and paid volunteer days, just email us at and we’ll be happy to set you up!

In Summary…

Athletes 4 Autism has been a 5-year passion project for the two of us, and we’ve been so grateful for the connections we’ve made along the way. Thank you for being a genuine supporter who trusts and believes in our mission to get every kid in the game. We promise to always stay engaged with you as our program grows.

If you have any questions about how we operate, please comment with them below. We’re happy to answer and look forward to seeing you soon!

High-fives and line drives,
Kevin and Courtney Gilroy

athletes4autismOur Directors: Behind the Scenes

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