Welcome to Athletes 4 Autism

We’re a 501(c)3 non-profit providing inclusive sports + health education to kids with autism at local universities. Free of charge.

Let’s Change the Game Together

We’re teaching local university athletes how to mentor a buddy who has an autism diagnosis.

Then, those unique athlete-buddy pairs start forming their own natural friendships through learning and playing sports.

Our program gets back to the basics of being a kid: having fun and being inspired by the cool older athlete.

As a result, our A4A buddies have thrived on and off the field in situations where having autism can be exponentially challenging: scoring goals in team sports, following directions from coaches, trying new things, standing up to bullies, and communicating better — both verbally and nonverbally.

All equipment and play space is sponsored by local universities, so everyone plays for free and we invite “typical” kids to play at our A4A sessions, too.

No pressure, all fun. Will you help us change the game for our A4A buddies?

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Our Goals

  • Reduce bullying
  • Practice social skills
  • Take direction from coaches
  • Offset costs of expensive therapies
  • Make friends of all abilities
  • Build a supportive community
  • Improve balance + coordination
  • Expand programs across the U.S.
  • Have fun!

We work towards an inclusive world where people with autism spectrum disorders are celebrated and welcomed.
Our main goal is to inspire the next generation of leaders who will help us effect that change first-hand.
We prioritize fun and fundamentals through sport.


  • It was more than a pleasure being part of such a hard working team whose passion and dedication to the organization is contagious. I wish I had been involved with the organization earlier!

    Lauran DiCarlo

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